Care For Corey

Corey Beattie

Corey Beattie was a senior at Avon Grove High School and had aspirations of attending culinary school.  On October 2, 2010 Corey was the passenger in a horrible car accident in New London,PA. She was hit broad side on her door as a passenger in the car.

The force of the accident left Corey with a global brain trauma, a broken neck at C1, fractured clavicle, multiple pelvic fractures and a fractured right femur.  She was flown from the scene to Christiana Hospital in Newark,DE.   After 3 weeks in the ICU and multiple surgeries, Corey’s fractures began to heal and she was considered stable to transfer to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital. Corey’s most severe injury was her global brain trauma; a diffused axonal injury.  Recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury of this type is very slow. She had intense physical, occupational, speech and cognitive therapy 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.  Although she was improving, she was not improving fast enough to stay in the rehab center.  Bryn Mawr Rehab reports weekly gains in functional improvement for the Insurance Company to continue to pay for rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, the Insurance Company does not understand that the victims of a Traumatic Brain Injury, especially those with a severe injury, do not make weekly gains.  A severe injury can not be compared to a mild or moderate injury nor should they be held to the statistical national average length of stay in an acute care facility.  The acute inpatient rehabilitation therapy required for a severely injured patient is often denied due to the length of time needed to heal.  It is critical that a TBI patient receive intensive therapy the first two years after their injury to re-fire the connections with cognitive therapy in conjunction with Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy to build their strength, develop their ability to have function and mobility of their body.  The Acute Care model allows the patient 18 hours per week for rehabilitation.  Assuming they have functional improvement they are released to a sub acute or skilled nursing facility (nursing home).   A sub acute facility allows 6-10 hours of therapy weekly, a skilled nursing facility allows 3-5 hours weekly. Corey was denied admission to 20 skilled nursing facilities due to her age and severity of her TBI.  Corey’s only alternative was to move home.  Standard home therapy is considered on par with the skilled nursing facilities; 3-5 hours per week. We are dedicated not only to Corey’s recovery but educating State/Federal Legislators about the need for extended length of stay as an inpatient post injury and long term out patient rehabilitation coverage .  We hope our efforts will help other families advocate for their loved ones.

Corey is a living miracle!  Her tenacity and positive attitude is the strength she draws on to workout 7 days a week for almost three years now.  She has regained mobility and is walking with the assistance of a double arm platform walker, eating, speaking and dreaming of the day she can achieve her goal to attend a Culinary Arts College and become a Chef.

Corey has a long road ahead of her which is very costly.  Her family is fundraising to hire private therapists to replace what Insurance will not approve.  Their goal is to raise money to purchase the therapy tools and expertise that will assure Corey the optimum opportunity to regain the life she once dreamed of.   Your assistance is greatly appreciated!