Her Story

Corey is the youngest of 3 children in the Beattie family. Corey’s friends often comment that when she would walk into a room the energy would change and everyone would have a great time.

Corey was an athlete. She played softball, participated in track and field, was on the diving team and a member of a competitive cheerleading team. She loved music. She was a member of the choir and played the trumpet in the school band for many years.

She was enrolled a half day in the local technical high school for culinary arts. Her dream was to be admitted to Johnson & Wales Culinary program in Rhode Island.
Although Corey was a vegetarian, she could create wonderful meals including Beef Wellington! She was best known for her sauces, soups and pasta dishes.

Corey was always up to something! Her personality is best captured in a home video; “Corey Beattie Defying Gravity”

Corey is strong willed and determined. She is fighting each day to recover from this tragic accident. She has already overcome tremendous adversity and survived to disprove the statistics for Severe Brain Injury survivors. Corey was wearing a ring the night of her accident. It was engraved with the saying; ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Her daily improvements are testimony to that!